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Britain and Denmark will provide more financial and military aid to Ukraine, they said on Thursday as European defence ministers met in Copenhagen to discuss long-term support for the country's defence against Russia's invasion.

Britain, which has already donated advanced weapons systems to Ukraine and given thousands of its troops military training, said it would send more multiple-launch rocket systems.

It would also donate a "significant number" of precision guided M31A1 missiles that can strike targets up to 80 km (50 miles) away.

"This latest tranche of military support will enable the armed forces of Ukraine to continue to defend against Russian aggression and the indiscriminate use of long-range artillery," UK Defence Secretary Ben Wallace said in a statement.

"Our continued support sends a very clear message, Britain and the international community remain opposed to this illegal war and will stand shoulder-to-shoulder, providing defensive military aid to Ukraine to help them defend against Putin's invasion."

Denmark will increase its financial aid to Ukraine by 110 million euros ($114 million), Prime Minister Mette Frederiksen said at a conference in Copenhagen hosted by Ukraine, Denmark and Britain.

"This is a war on the values that Europe and the free world are built upon ... Today we reaffirm our commitment to support of Ukraine," she said.

The new measures will take Denmark's total aid to Ukraine since the start of the war to more than 3 billion Danish crowns ($417 million).

Just over half of the financial aid announced on Thursday will be spent on weapons procurement and support of weapons production. The rest will be spent on supplies of Danish weapons and military equipment, as well as military training.

The announcements come after the government in Kyiv repeatedly pleaded with the West to send more weapons, including long-range artillery, as it tries to turn the tide on Russia's Feb. 24 invasion.

Earlier this month, Ukraine said it had received another delivery of high-precision heavy weapons from Germany and the United States.

Moscow, which has accused the West of dragging out the conflict by giving Ukraine more arms, says it is conducting a "special military operation" in Ukraine aimed at safeguarding Russia's security against NATO expansion.

Source: Reuters

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