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In Eastern Africa's rural areas, it’s possible to get a view of America's unending war on terrorism. The world's most powerful al Qaeda affiliates are tasked with a special team fighting on a 550-acre military base houses, US special -operations team on camp Lemonnier; the base looks the troops allocated here will tell you- like sand- colored prison fortress. They are unfolding over miles of sun-scorched desert and volcanic rock inside the small country of Djibouti.

Behind the 0paque 20ft-fences ringed with yet many razor wires sit two subcamps inside, from behind the gates and board lumbering cargo planes to fly across Djiboutis southern boarder with Somalia for what they call ‘’episodic engagements’’ The commando teams emerge anonymously, with local forces fighting al-Shabab, al-Qaeda’s largest offshoot.

''Commuting to work'' is what general Stephen Townsend, commander of military operations in Africa, refers to it. The mission operation Octave Quartz has been dubbed by the pentagon.

Despite president Joe Biden's pledges to end America's ''forever wars'', the operation may be a sign of things to come because he doesn't plan to retreat from global counterterrorism missions. A month after his proceedings, the work of his predecessors started drawing down high profile military missions abroad while maintaining heavily armed, highly engaged counterterrorism task forces in place in trouble spots. ‘’over the horizon,’’ is where the president plans to fight terrorism from, he says, parachuting in special operators, using drones intercepted intelligence and training partner foreign forces.

About 1500 miles northeast of Lemonnier, approximately 2500 US forces operate from bases across Iraq. They routinely come under rocket and mortar attacks. Nine hundred additional forces are on the ground in Syria within striking distance of ISIS and al-Qaeda.

In June 8 letter to Congress, Biden listed a dozen nations from Niger to Philippines, where US troops were on counterterrorism operations. The missions are undertaken by about 50000 men and women on the frontlines of an active, under-the-radar conflict mainly waged in the Middle East and Africa.

Biden's need to invest in what used to be called the Global war on terror has been the subject of lively debate inside the administration. The deployment of US forces national security team finishing a new counterterrorism strategy that will, in turn, decide how big a makes; most lethal drone strikes, ordering commanders to consult the white house on decisions to strike and initiate a review of when such lethal force should be used has already been halted by Biden.

There’s increased counterterrorism investigations of violent domestic extremists of home. On January 6, attempted insurrection at the capitol the FBI rates as the single biggest threat to the homeland. The US evolving approach represents a turning point for America and the world. The US military leaders worry about their ''chaotic pullout from Afghanistan'' and a new diminished approach to fighting terrorism.

Americans in neighboring Kenya said that Al-Shabab retains freedom of movement in many parts of southern Somalia and has demonstrated an ability and intent to attack outside of the country, including targeting US interests. The efforts to help stabilize Somalia have had some successes, like when Kenyan troops, as part of the American union mission in Somali[AMISOM], drove al-Shabab out of Mogadishu and the port town in Kismayo in 2011.

AMISOM has unsuccessfully tried to hand over the fight to the Somali government since colonel Irene Machangoh Kenyan Lient said that we know we cannot stay forever. Still, we do not want to see all the gains reversed.

Written By: Olivium's Editor


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