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Belgium received 226 people flown from Afghanistan on Monday. Two planes landed in Melsbroek airbase, Belgium, carrying the refugees evacuated from Afghanistan. As part of the evacuation process, Belgium had to transfer 400 returnees, amongst them a mix of Belgian nationals and those it owes protection, to Islambad.

Kabul airport witnessed a chaotic disembarkation which went on past the weekend. However, the scenes at Melsbroek completely opposite to the airport as they maintained a high orderly profile. 

NGOs are urging political leaders to provide safe passage routes to all as arrivals thicken across the European Union. 

EU aiding evacuation processes 

The Director of the European Council on Refugees and Exiles, Catherine Woollard, has complemented EU’s efforts in evacuation processes and providing safe passage. These people include those who have worked for the international community. She went ahead to warn that to be balanced, on the other hand, they have to provide access to asylum for those who get there by themselves. However, Afghans fleeing the Taliban will not be receiving a warm welcome all over Europe.

Janez Jansa, Slovenian Prime Minister, with whom is the current EU’s rotating President also had his comment as he posted on Twitter over the weekend. He said that it is not EU’s nor Slovenia’s duty to help all who are fleeing instead of standing up for their nation.

Sebastian Kurz, Austrian Prime Minister, had similar standing as he said that they are not taking in anybody. He said that Austria had taken in more than 40,000 Afghans in the past. He also told the Austrian broadcaster Puls24 on Sunday that Austria was amongst the countries with the largest Afghan population.

Josep Borrel, EU high profile representative for foreign affairs, suggested providing temporary protection through the use of a vague EU mechanism. 

EU is bound to occupied politically by the Afghan arrivals into Europe. However, migration NGOs have a theory that 90 percent of those fleeing will be hosted in Afghan’s neighbouring countries.

Ramstein hosts Afghans

The largest American military base in Europe, Ramstein in Germany, has been filled with Afghans flown by the US Air Force. The military base is turning into a massive refugee camp as they await to be transferred to a different location. These people include Afghans who worked with the American forces and those deemed vulnerable.

Around 200 of them are being transported across the Atlantic on the tarmac at the foot of Boeing 767-300. For this group, they are through with the stopover. 

The conditions at the base are getting adverse as some have to use a blanket to protect them from what seems like an early German autumn. Those who are too young to walk by themselves have to be carried up the steps by their parents. 

The refugees at this camp are now in the late stages of their exit from Kabul where most had to go through Qatar or Kuwait. The Americans used these points as their transit bases to conduct their evacuations.

Written By: Olivium's Editor

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