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About Olivium

Olivium is an independent platform working on the theme of peace, a major theme at a time when the world forces are radically changing and main future challenges awaiting. At Olivium, we are aiming at focusing on any aspect (whether it be political, economic, environmental, societal, social, cultural) in all its forms, that could put peace at stake internationally, with a main focus on the Middle East and Europe, two neighboring regions currently facing instability. Olivium is a joint collaboration of thinkers, researchers, journalists but also volunteers willing to collaborate, share their thoughts/findings and propose a serious alternative to mainstream media.

Olivium Logo

Our Goals

* To develop cutting edge knowledge on peace in all its aspects and forms and nurture peace building efforts
* To serve as a reference hub for multi-disciplinary and collaborative research on peace
* To disseminate research-based knowledge to the public, media and civil society organizations

Our Vision

Gathering professionals (thinkers, researchers, journalists) but also volunteers with extensive knowledge or work experience in Middle East and in Europe (2 neighboring regions so far away and so close at the same time), it came to our mind it was urgent to gather cutting edge knowledge and food for thoughts around peace in its broadest sense. What are the conditions for stability and peace in a world facing dramatic conflicts, environmental changes and political violence? How the policies of certain countries affect others? What are the international power relations? What is changing nowadays? What is at stake locally, regionally and internationally?
In a world where a certain (and maybe legitimate sometimes) defiance towards traditional mainstream media is felt among the readership, Olivium is seeking to produce accurate tools, cross-disciplinary and multimedia approach to look into the needed conditions for stability and peace. Nevertheless, we first need to understand what is at stake in our societies. Olivium is thus willing to develop different sections and thematic dossiers with an independent and non-partisan approach on major subjects such as terrorism, violence, conflicts etc.
Finally, we mainly want to convey stories from their original perspectives and analysis that bond, gather, propose a deeper understanding of the other, reveal the shared values rather than exarcerate the alleged cultural differences.

Our Values in words

Ethics, realism, grounded, local sourcing, detailed information, inclusive, exigency, engaged, trust, accuracy, interest for debate, inclusive, curiosity, diversity, analysis, critical and independent thinking, cutting edge knowledge, research, and continuous improvement.

Our Mission

Our mission is to promote accurate unbiased research that will ultimately create a set of documents (articles, dossiers, interviews, photos, and statistics) that could serve as resources to think on what may contribute to stability and peace, mainly in Europe and Middle East. We want to create a momentum in that sense and it should be an ongoing process.

Some of the topics we address are:

Extremism in all its forms
Evaluation of anti-extremism and security policies
Violence (political, social, economic)
Hate speeches and crimes
Medias and their coverage of violence
Wars and conflicts
Conflict Mediation Methodology
Ethnic wars and their geographic spillover
Left Right cleavage
Social and racial prejudices
Terrorism (local born and imported terrorism)
Environmental crisis
Sustainable policies
Initiatives around Peace

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