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About Olivium

Olivium Is A centre for peace, we research extremism and their root causes. Taking a Cross-Disciplinary approach to the Study Of Right/left wing and other forms of extremism, hate crime and political violence allows our work to be more inclusive. Olivium is a joint collaboration of several thinkers, volunteers, researchers, and Journalists all looking forward to collaborate with other leading european institutions on the subject of Peace.

Olivium Logo

Our Goals

* To develop cutting edge empirical knowledge on extremist views, violence and hate crime from Europe and beyond.
* To serve as a rational hub on Multi-Disciplinary research of extremism.
* To disseminate research-based knowledge to the public, media, and civil society organisations.

Our Vision

Over the years, the strategic environment of the European Union has changed fundamentally. More and more the EU is realising that it’s economic success and prosperity is realised not by taking an ambivilant approach to world tensions but by creating it’s own novel solutions that will ensure peace and stability along it’s borders.

Among the complex issues the EU is confronting today is the ongoing conflict In the Ukraine, timely hostilities with Russia, who support leftist platforms In Europe while the US is exporting radical right wing thoughts back to the continent creating an new unstable geography that benefits no one in Europe. Another is the EU's engagement In the Middle East, where by other countries utilise the EU’s name to facilitate their own destabilising policies in that region, putting the union in unsuitable circumstances with neighbouring populations. Eventually, the EU is finding Itself embroiled in major conflicts and refugee crises that lead to serious divisions at the social and political levels within the Union. These divisions intern fuel the rise in radicalisation, ultra conservatism/Left, and even terrorism attacks on european soil. This is a vicious cycle Olivium is keen to avoid.

Now is the right time, to rethink some of our policies and focus only on what creates stability and economic prosperity.

Our Mission

The mission Is to promote accurate unbiased research that will create social and political peace within the European Union,highlight the good values and the importance of independent European initiatives in preserving the well-being of Its citizens and inhabitants, combat social exclusion and discrimination, and appreciate the EU’s rich cultural and diversity.

The EU Values Are Common To The EU Countries In A Society In Which Inclusion, Tolerance, Justice, Solidarity And Non-Discrimination Prevail. These Values Are An Integral Part Of Our European Way Of Life.

Some of the topics we address are:

Conflict Mediation Methodology
Media Indoctrinated Discrimination
Ethnic Wars and their geographic spilover
Evaluation of Anti-Extremism programs
Gender-Related Violence
Hate Crimes and their root causes
International policies that effect the spread of Extremism to the EU
Social and Racial Prejudice
Religious Conflicts
local born and imported terrorism
Youth violence
The quality of media coverage of extremism within the EU

Politicians are elected to represent people for a short time, and while they may take decisions with their media indoctrinated constituencies and support base in mind, national and international affairs need to be addressed with national and union level interests as priority.. decisions and consequences must be measured by their capacity to establish stability and long peace.

Dramatic coverage, sensationalism, Impulsive content, Clickbait and all the other characteristics of modern media have caused enough pain to a world that longs for stability.

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